Jobless and profitable website!

Growing up on the farm in North Carolina, I loved gardening. There was something magical about planting a dollar’s worth of seeds, watching them germinate, and then feeding the family for an entire season with my efforts.
The only part I didn’t enjoy was cleaning and growing. That was the JOB! So I was thrilled when I discovered “The Ruth Stout No Work Garden Book”. That book taught me how to get all those great greens without weeding, very little cultivation, and little watering. It really taught you to garden literally without work. Twenty years later, I discovered an equally fertile garden on the Internet. With virtually no investment other than my time, I could build a website, nurture it, drive traffic to it, and garner a lot of sales from it over time.
As with the garden, a lot of maintenance was required if a good harvest was desired.
The site needed to be constantly updated so that search engines “learned” to visit this “new” site frequently.
The site needed to have a lot of keyword-rich web pages for it to rank highly for relevant keywords and attract organic search engine traffic. Since I was taught that “content is king”, that means the more content-rich and focused web pages you have, the better. Content-rich pages meant you could make sales, get new subscribers, and even earn pay-per-click income from programs like Google AdSense.
The only problem with the older model is … it’s a lot of WORK.
Then I discovered, “The jobless and profitable website. It wasn’t entirely a job, but it was probably a tenth of the job he’d been doing.
The jobless website encompasses creating a content-rich website using automated tools. These tools allow you to collect relevant content (articles, RSS feeds, etc.) from all over the Internet and then instantly generate hundreds … even make money online thousands of content-rich web pages in minutes.
The jobless website encompasses using other tools to automatically update your site so that every time search engine spiders visit it, they notice new content. By noticing new content on each visit, search engine spiders take notice to visit more often.
Now this is where this gets really powerful …
As these search engine spiders visit more frequently, they are not limited to crawling your current site with no work and money making. They also follow links to other sites that you want to index. So now you can set up your site without work, teach search engines to come back frequently, and then continue building other sites knowing that indexing them is as simple as linking to them from your old sites. It really is that easy 🙂

By now, you’re probably wondering what some of these magical tools are that I use to build these amazing jobless sites that literally take on a life of their own.
These are just some of the tools that I personally use:

1) Blogs. Blogs hosted on are quickly noticed by Google because Google owns By pinging blog directories (and Yahoo using your “My Yahoo” page), many other sites take notice of your blog. They visit your blog and follow links to other destination sites.
2) I am a founding member of the Content Desk. Content Desk has a tool that allows me to query databases containing tens of thousands of articles (based on keywords). I can automatically sort the list of articles that are returned based on keyword density or various other criteria. Then I can have the software itself create web pages for me using a template that I have designed using the template tool built into Content Desk.
Content Desk is probably my favorite tool because I can literally add hundreds of article pages to my sites in minutes. My templates also include ads for a “pet” product and / or Google AdSense. I can add content-rich, relevant, and highly engaging pages to my sites in a minute, and then move on to the next project, knowing that these pages will make me money.